Project-Manage The Shit Out Of Your Wedding Day

Where my type A’s at?!

If you’ve found yourself reading this post, it means that you’re probably waking up from wedding day nightmares on the reg, and you’re at your wits end about getting all of your vendors and guests on the same freaking page. Dialogue with your loved ones is currently going something like:


“No, cousin Brad. I’m not going to give you a plus one for that girl you met on Tinder last week. Yeah, I’m sure she’s “the one” too...but we already confirmed our final guest count.”

“I said I wanted pampas grass at base of the arch FOUR TIMES!”

“Since when are you gluten-free, Lauren? Only on Saturdays? No, I haven’t seen the documentary. Fine…I’ll see if I can request a separate meal from our caterers.”

“Just ‘cause YOU’RE not getting YOUR way does not make me a bridezilla, mom.”

You are almost to the finish line, friend. Hang in there.


Chances are, you have a ton of shit on your mind at this point in the game. But, we know that in order for your day to go smoothly, that shit can’t stay in your mind, right? It needs to be communicated… “handled,” as Olivia Pope would say, while swirling a fat glass of red wine in one hand and her burner phone in the other (ugh why is she SO badass?!).

My parents and bridal party cracked up when they saw an EIGHT PAGE wedding details document hit their inbox. They weren’t surprised, though. I come from a background in production (which is a fancy word for creative project management, for like, marketing and stuff).

TLDR; I know how to plan things. I know how to plan things really well. If I was Tyrion in GoT, my motto would be, “I drink wine and I plan things.” GoT it? K, I’m done.


Luckily, my coordinators added the last couple of pages in for me, which was our actual day-of “run of show,” as the pros call it. I modified it a bit (ok, I literally scoped out minute by minute of the day - including when I would be fed snacks like a fucking queen), BUT it was super helpful to have everyone involved in making our day not a shit-show looking at the same doc, with all of the details, so that no one bothered me with anything except champagne the day of my (ahem, our*) wedding.

So, now you can actually enjoy the process! Instructions for how to make a copy of, edit, and use the doc are at the top, and I’ve added some prompts/samples via comments on the side. Comment below or shoot me a DM if you have any questions (or nightmares–I pretty much double as a wedding therapist now, nbd).

Access the template here!

Desiree DeLattre