Wedding Week Beauty Timeline

You, planning your wedding week without this timeline.

You, planning your wedding week without this timeline.

Wedding beauty is a beast. And that’s not even getting into your bridal hair and makeup. Between mani/pedi’s, spray tans, and skin treatments, you’ll need to be very strategic with planning your schedule. For that reason, I’ve made it easy for you, because, let’s be honest, has anything been easy for you in the last few months? I’ll also give some context as to why it’s important to follow this order + some of my recommended places to go to get wedding-day ready!

Wedding Week Beauty Timeline

So, to get super granular with the order of operations, here’s what you need to know:


Facials are mission-critical for wedding-day skin. Get all that dead stuff off and pump your face with hydration by doing one of my two favorite treatments: either the hydrafacial or oxygen facial. If you have acne, I’d recommend the oxygen facial to clear your pores and promote healing. My recommendation for your facial spot: Lemon and Honey Day Spa in Villa Park or Newport Beach. First-time clients get a discount, so you’ll score there. Let them know I sent you, and they will take extra good care of you!


The deal with lash extensions: Once you get lash extensions, you can’t get oils or moisture near them for 48 hours in order for the glue to dry fully. That means that you’ll want to avoid doing things that make you sweat (working out, saunas, etc.). You’ll also want to get your facial before your lash appointment since they usually use steam and lay hot towels on your face. After you get lash extensions, you can use a warm-ish rag with some oil-free face wash on it to carefully clean your face. My favorite place in Orange County to get my lashes done is at Deka Lash in Costa Mesa, ask for Angela or Julia. Your first time is between $79.99-99.99, depending on which location you go to.


Nails: You’ll notice that your pedicure and manicure are scheduled for different days. This isn’t to make things more complicated. When you get a spray tan, it’s best to have your toes done first, because you don’t want the hot water or oily lotion messing up your new tan. It’s also pretty easy to dab lotion onto your toenails pre-spray tan to prevent weird staining. For your manicure, there’s a bigger risk of the tanning solution staining your nails, so it’s best to get that after your tan. Just request no lotion on your arms or bring your own oil-free lotion with you. If you’re not getting a spray tan, get your mani/pedi the day before your wedding. I treated myself to GLO Nail Bar in Corona Del Mar for my bridal nails. They did a fantastic job; my gel mani lasted forever!

Speaking of spray tans, opt for the express tan, so that you can rinse off with water after 1.5-2 hours following your appointment. You shouldn’t use soap, shampoo, or conditioner (anything with oil) for about 12 hours after your spray tan, so book your tan in the afternoon so that you can use all the product you want the next morning without worrying about messing up your new glow. My go-to tanning spot is Sugared n’ Bronzed in Corona Del Mar/Newport Beach. Tell them I sent you for some good referral deals. Also, if it’s your first time going there, it is $39 and your second time is free! Be mindful that you can’t use your free second tan within five days of any holiday.

Other shit:

  • I mention getting your last workout in two days before your wedding. If you want to really make it count, go to OrangeTheory Fitness in Corona Del Mar and take one of Daisy or Julian’s classes. Daisy is like that sports coach that won’t let you slack off, but you wanna hug at the same time. Also, she bought me tacos once, and I have mad respect for that. Julian still smiles when I flip him off for telling me to run faster and is a low key #influencer on Instagram. He’s also single, but like, too late for you.

  • If you’re clueless on what kind of exfoliator to use on your face the morning of your wedding, I highly recommend Polish by Dr. Lancer, Dermalogica’s Skin Prep Scrub, or Acure Brightening Scrub. Lightly massage around your face for TWO MINUTES (I am so serious about this time allocation rn) and remember to avoid getting the product near your new lashes if ya got ‘em. Take five minutes to marvel at your new, bb face.

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