Travel expenses are not included in the services listed below.


Trial – $100

Let's play around. We'll spend time finding a look that makes you feel your best. If you decide to book services for the real deal, you'll receive $10 dollars off the day of your event.



Event Makeup (Includes WEddings) – $100

Whether you're on the VIP list or walking down the isle, all eyes will be on you. Group rates are available.


Print, film, and Professional use – $200

High Definition is a blessing and a curse, isn't it? We'll get you camera-ready, and stick around for up to two hours for touch-ups as needed.


Makeup lessons – $200 in person Appointment, $100 Virtual Appointment

Yes, this is a thing. Master your own beauty, and learn how to accentuate all the good stuff. Group rates are available.